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the beginning June 7, 2009

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In the beginning, I got a job.  It was a librarian job (for which, thankfully, I had the necessary educational background), and lo, it was very good to have the job.  The job is slightly outside the area of my greatest expertise; it’s a high school library position, and since most of my prior work has been at the elementary levels, I have a lot of reading to do this summer.

We’re here in the Infinite Booklist because librarians can’t just read books; we have to talk about them and recommend them and relate them to each other.  And in order to do that, I’m going to have to remember what I’m reading.  So we’re here, gentle readers, because we can help each other.  You give me a space in which to keep a record of my YA reading, and I give you… well, a record of my YA reading.  You can expect basic, brief booktalks, quick summaries and sometimes reviews, as well as links to publishers and to related works.  That list may grow as time passes, but that’s what I plan to do as of now.  (Please note: Because I have an elementary background and young children, it’s likely that some children’s lit will sneak in here sometimes.  I promise to categorize and tag faithfully.)

I’d like your feedback whenever you want to offer it.  Let me know whether my writing is useful or not.  Recommend good stuff to read or listen to.  Drop me a note if you’d like to write a guest post. 🙂  Let’s begin…


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