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Paper Towns October 12, 2009

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Very brief here, because I am aware that I talk about John  Green kind of a lot.  Paper Towns is Green’s most recent novel, about a teenage girl who isn’t entirely contented with her life as the bold and daring queen of her high school.  She’s looking for more – and she pulls her longtime neighbor and friend into a cross-country journey to figure out what’s what.

There are some similarities to Looking for Alaska here: the magnetic central female figure, the slighty-intellectual-but-not-too-too male narrator, the way that the characters iean on and into each other and learn and grow.  I get the idea that Green might really be writing his life down.  He does it so very, very well that I don’t even mind that the novels are a little similar.

I intended to read this normal-sized book like a normal person, maybe take a week or so and nibble away at it.  I lasted two days, and then I found myself tumbling through the last two-thirds, staying up way past bedtime and not really regretting it in the morning.

An interesting tidbit: In my library, we have two copies of this book with two different covers.  One is smiley, twinkly Margo, and the other is Margo-as-zombie.  After I read the book, the difference made sense.  See if you can figure it out.


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