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Her Fearful Symmetry July 19, 2010

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Her Fearful Symmetry (cover)Niffenegger, Audrey.  Her Fearful Symmetry. Simon and Schuster, 2009.

The flap synopsis for this book says it’s about identical twins (Julia & Valentina Poole) who inherit a London flat from their mother’s estranged sister, with some peculiar stipulations in the will.  That barely scratches the surface – Her Fearful Symmetry turns out to be a ghost story, and the ghosts have some bold ambitions of their own.

Niffenegger’s description is deliciously detailed, and she’d dedicated to the particulars of a premise that’s… imaginative, to say the least.  A must for Niffenegger’s fans (though very different from The Time Traveler’s Wife), or for readers looking for a modern Gothic romance.  More adult than teen, though older YA readers might appreciate it.


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