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So far behind. (Thing 2) March 19, 2014

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So I am on Thing TWO of the 23 Mobile Things. And this week is spring break, so hopefully some progress is in the cards. 🙂

This Thing is about mobile tips and tricks. Aleric Heck’s video on iOS 7 shows how to reverse colors, how to make Siri a man, and how to use the phone as a level. (I calibrated my phone’s compass too. I love compasses.) I have to guess my kids, and possibly my husband, already knew some of those tricks, and it’s easy to think that this stuff is just for fun. But so many simple settings can be tweaked for accessibility that it’s clear there’s real work potential in iOS. Though I don’t think I would choose to work on a mobile device if I had another option, I do think it’s valuable for me as a teacher librarian to be able to meet my students where they are and help them get more functionality out of the tools they carry in their pockets.



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