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Bookish Bucket List March 25, 2014

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I ran across this list today via Twitter (original meme from The Broke and the Bookish). Almost none of it applies to me – except I really should read Allegiant – but it did make me think that I need another list in my life. Hahaha. (like a fish needs a bicycle, is the honest truth)

Top ten bookish things I need to do:

  1. Finish my Goodreads challenge. I set myself up to read 60-some books this year. I don’t have any idea how far along I am in that, and I’m definitely not reading a book a week (though summer should be better). The last thing I finished was Minders.
  2. Increase traffic to the library’s Pinterest page. Right now it’s just new books in the library; we do lift a fair number of display ideas from other libraries’ Pinterest pages. I think really what this means is “get better at marketing.” Le sigh.
  3. Three titles JUST WAITING FOR ME: The Impossible Knife of Memory, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, Reality Boy.
  4. Read a whole book of poetry. Not an anthology – it will have to be a single volume by a single poet, else I will never get done. I love poetry, but I have to read it s-l-o-w-l-y, so it’s tough.
  5. Go to an author event at least once over the summer.
  6. Write every day. (I don’t know who I’m kidding with this one… it’s been on my list for years, and not a reality since high school. Life intervenes.)
  7. Talk my husband into reading The Fault In Our Stars before seeing the movie with him. He will appreciate the fact that it isn’t a fantasy novel.
  8. Make some book spine poems in the run-up to National Poetry Month. My library is kind of short on verbs, so this takes some effort… I think it’s easier with picture books than with YA.
  9. Always with the weeding. So much pressure.
  10. Set up my library with Overdrive for lending ebooks.

Usually my lists are less thematic and a little less attainable. What’s your Bookish Bucket List look like?


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