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TG Hour of Code December 3, 2013

Why code? And what does that mean anyway?

We are running an Hour of Code event here at school next week. Come to the library after school on Wednesday, Dec. 11, or complete the Hour of Code anytime during the week that works for you. Here’s a list of tutorials that students are encouraged to investigate. Each one should take about an hour; you can work on your own or with a friend to solve the challenges and complete the activities.
(These were chosen from the many available options because they are compatible with our laptops, are age-appropriate, and don’t require students to install any software.)

If you want to learn a little more, but are not totally comfortable diving in, an unplugged, hands-on activity will be available in the library during the week of Dec. 9-13. And then you can dive into the online tutorials.

Beginner tutorials:

  • LightBot: Bounce the robot around and make the blue squares light up with yellow. Looks like a game, but teaches sequencing, procedures, and loops.
  • Scratch holiday card: Make an animated Christmas card using drag-and-drop instructions in Scratch.
  • tutorial: Uses drag-and-drop blocks to move Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies avatars, with good video support.

To learn Javascript:

  • Khan Academy tutorial Learn to create graphics using Javascript. Includes video support, challenges with badges, and freeform drawing.
  • Codecademy teaches Java commands with hands-on practice. (intermediate/advanced)
  • Karel the Dog uses more advanced code (that looks like code) to move a dog icon around the screen. Use class code 7D99 to sign in.

If you love games:

  • Code Avengers: Make a quiz game that you can share with friends. Includes five lessons with five tasks each, plus badges and bonus games. (advanced beginners and up)
  • Code Combat: Work in a game environment to make your character move, pick up objects, and attack enemies. Especially fun if you already play adventuring games. (intermediate/advanced)

To learn Python: 

App development

  • TouchDevelop is a Microsoft product that allows for device-agnostic app development. Watch the intro video, then pick your tutorial. (intermediate/advanced)
  • Make Games with Us! Build iPhone apps inside your browser. (advanced users)

Try these on your own:

  • Touch Develop (see notes above)
  • 3D Frogger: Use AgentCubes to create 3D objects and move them through a game. This tutorial uses longer videos and will take more than an hour to complete.

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